The Coffee Battle – a blind tasting win for the AFL blend

Coffee.AFL is proud to announce, following a recent independent blind tasting against leading market brands, that their blends came out as a resounding favorite amongst three experienced industry recognised judges.

“Personally overall, I like the 3rd coffee (AFL Blend) due to the cream colour, texture and body,” exclaimed panel member Mirko Silvestri, an authorised trainer in coffee sensory, roasting and barista skill.

The team at Coffee.AFL are extremely honored to hear such claims from an accomplished industry professional such as Mirko, an Italian native who has travelled the world exploring new flavors and techniques. Such techniques, familiar to Mirko, are the ones Coffee.AFL have used to produce the popular blend, employing traditional Italian slow roasting with meticulous timing, to produce one of the highest quality Nespresso® compatible capsules on the market.

Guy Wilson, an experienced coffee judge and Coffee Trader at Langdon Coffee Merchants, was particularly complimentary when describing his experience of tasting the Coffee.AFL blend. And the fact he didn’t want to add sugar, he said was “a good indication of the quality of the beans and the roasting.”

“This is good. It is well balanced, with a good symmetry of flavour… kind of toffee, malt sweetness in the length, so you get a nice sweet resonance after you have tasted the coffee,” Guy explained.

Managing Director of the Branded Coffee Company (TBCC), Jane Macdougall, was thrilled with the result and said this was another huge step for the Coffee.AFL blend towards becoming the coffee of choice for all AFL fans, players and experts.

“It’s days like this that gain us a lot of confidence in our ability to be able to convert coffee capsule drinkers away from current market brands and drink quality coffee that supports the club they love,” Jane said.

Since beginning the journey to create premium capsule coffee in club colours, the team at TBCC can now feel truly proud of going that extra mile to pull together the best combination, which according to a panel of credible judges, has resulted in the perfect blend.

Although this is a huge boost for the new company, TBCC are not going to stop there. This exciting achievement has only made the team more determined to do better and perfect their craft. They want to continue to set the bar high and install confidence in their loyal and new customers that Coffee.AFL will provide them with the best premium coffee in every capsule, every time.

Since embarking on this journey, TBCC know all too well that high results only come with hard work, dedication and a whole lot of coffee passion, and that’s something they do with confidence. Following the launch of their capsules in 2016, TBCC hope to expand their range with subtle club branded coffee machines, glasses and whole roasted beans. With the combination of two Aussie loves, coffee and sport, TBCC have proven the possibilities are endless and exciting – watch this space.

** the judges assembled for the tasting were,

Mirko Silvestri , SCAE Diploma, AICAF Diploma Roasting & Brewing

Guy Wilson , Langdon Coffee Merchants, Certified Q Grader by the Coffee Quality Institute http://www.coffeeinstitute.org/, Coffee judge for the annual RASV International Coffee Awards http://www.rasv.com.au/Events/AICA_Home/

Santo Buccheri, Certified Qualify Judge (from Centro studio assagiatorihttp://www.assaggiatori.com/site/ ,  Espresso Italiano Specialist and Patented Coffee taster N 08890 (http://www.assaggiatoricaffe.org/site/?q=en/node/699 ) from the International Institute of Coffee tasters