Where can I buy the coffee?

You can buy the coffee online at Coffee.AFL and in some AFL Club shops.

Check with your Club for availability in store.

Can the Capsules be recycled?


Step 1 – collect your used pods (We suggest you begin the recycle process once you have collected a full bowl of empty pods, not after each use)

Step 2 – When you have a full bowl/bag of used pods remove the foil from the pod

Step 3 – Empty the coffee grounds from the pod into a separate bowl. Place the plastic capsules in the recycle bin and the used coffee grounds in the compost or on the garden, your plants will love it!

We encourage all consumers to recycle the product. We have specifically produced our capsules in the hermetically sealed production method to reduce waste. This process decreases the amount of foil used, meaning the majority of the product can be recycled.

* Please note at this point in time the tin foil used on our capsules is not recyclable.

Check out our recycling post to see how easy it is to recycle the capsules:

Best way to Recycle

Are the capsules Nespresso® compatible?  Are you sure?

Our capsules are Nespresso® machine compatible, however as they are not manufactured by Nespresso slight differences in performance may be experienced between different machines and manufacturers.

Our capsules are encapsulated in Australia and our suppliers have provided us with operational warranties for use in most leading Nespresso® compatible machines.

It is important to us that your experience with our capsules is always positive. If you experience any operational issues, please contact us at hello@coffee.afl so we can review and provide you with a solution.

Please note: our capsules are not compatible with the Dolce Gusto, Expressi (Aldi) or Caffitaly branded machines.


Is it good coffee?

We think so! We, and our roaster, have spent a lot of time developing the taste profile designed especially the Australian palate packaged in the capsule format.  We welcome your feedback and hope you agree this is one of the best in the market.

Are you the only company selling this coffee?

Yes, our coffee has been specially blended for us by a bespoke roaster in Melbourne.

Can I buy the coffee and capsules in another brand?

No, this coffee blend is only available in our capsules.

Where is the coffee roasted and encapsulated?

The coffee beans are roasted in Melbourne and hermetically encapsulated in Sydney.

How long does the coffee retain it’s freshness in the capsule?

Our capsules are sealed hermetically giving the coffee an 18month best before time frame. Check the side of the box for use by dates.

What does hermetically sealed mean?

Basically ‘airtight’.  It’s achieved by flushing the capsule with nitrogen to remove the oxygen, filling the capsule with coffee and sealing.  This technique seals in the coffee’s freshness.

Is there more coffee in these capsules?

The process used to produce our capsules allows us to use 20% more coffee than similar overwrap capsules.



How much is shipping?

Shipping costs depend on where you live and how much you order.  Once your order is placed a shipping calculator is used to tell you the exact price prior to check out.

Do you ship internationally?

Contact us at hello@coffee.afl to arrange international delivery options.

I couldn’t check out because there were no shipping methods?

No shipping methods messages usually occurs when the system can’t match the state and the postcode.  Check the information is correct.  If you live near a state border there may be a conflict in the data.  Send us an email on hello@coffee.afl so we can fix this for you and arrange delivery.

How long will it take for my coffee to arrive?

Orders are processed and dispatched daily from Monday to Friday except public holidays. Your coffee should arrive 2-4 days after you place the order depending on your location.

Will I know if my order has been dispatched?

An email is sent to your nominated address when the parcel has been confirmed as shipped.  If you are in doubt email us at hello@coffee.afl and we can review and track your shipment.

How will I receive my coffee?

Orders are sent via Australia Post.  For most deliveries, you will need to provide a signature or when checking out let us know if you want the parcel to be left at your front door or somewhere else.  If you aren’t at home at the time of delivery, please check your letterbox for a delivery note detailing next step instructions from the delivery service.

I made a mistake and now need to change my shipping address and/or order.  Is that possible?

Yes, let us know as soon as possible as most orders are picked and dispatched on the day of ordering.  If your order has been dispatched we will work out next steps to ensure you get what you want.

Where should I send a return item?

Parcel return information is included on the delivery docket.  If you are in doubt, please contact us at hello@coffee.afl for any additional information.




Do you offer refunds and/or exchanges?

Yes.  If you have any issues with your order or aren’t satisfied with our product, please contact us at hello@coffee.afl and we will do our best to remedy the situation asap.

What does my statement say when I make purchases from this website?

Your purchase will show up on your statement as ‘The Branded Coffee Co’

Are you and Australian company?

Yes we are 100% Australian.  Our coffee beans are imported but are roasted and encapsulated in Australia.  Our packaging is also designed and printed in Australia.