Our Story

Our Coffee

Drawing from traditional slow-roasting techniques, we’ve worked with our roaster to source the perfect profile for an espresso coffee capsule.

In just 5.6 grams our roaster has developed an innovative capsule blend that harnesses the strength and full-bodied flavour of premium espresso coffee.

The Bean

Like all fruit (coffee is a fruit!) climate affects the crop.

This year our beans have been cultivated in a hot and wet season, producing beans with a natural nutty chocolatey flavour. This has been enhanced by our slow roasting process that allows the bean to be cooked evenly and without burning. The result is a blend with a rich, caramel roast profile, nicely balancing acidity with viscosity.

Our beans are sourced from leading global coffee producers in Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Peru and India, with our signature AFL blend comprising 75% Arabica and 25% Robusta.

Slow roasting

Our roaster is as passionate about great coffee as we are – in fact, it’s in his blood. With a family history steeped in traditional Italian coffee roasting, he is a specialty roaster who is a leading figure in the Australian coffee industry.

Using traditional slow-roasting techniques, he has refined the process to achieve premium quality coffee for our capsules. The beans are roasted to perfection in Melbourne and encapsulated hermetically to preserve the coffee’s freshness and flavour.

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